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Scott AFB Military & Family Readiness Center


EFMP - M (Medical or Identification & Enrollment)

618-256-5102 (Special Needs Coordinator)

618-256-7014 (Special Needs Technician)

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Family Member Relocation Clearance

Family Vector Website 

Medical Provider Tool and many other resources and tools to assist EFMP Families


EFMP Medical Forms 

If you are PCSing with dependents, please go to MyVector.  You will need to complete a 2 to 12 question screener (length depends on the answers given).  If additional information is needed, myVector will provide a link to the Family Member Relocation Clearance. Airman and Guardians who have dependents will receive a MyVector system-generated email up to fifteen (15) days after the Assignment Creation Date (ACD) and are within eight (8) months of their Report-No-Later-Than-Date (RNLTD). If the member is relocating to a CONUS location, answers "No" to all questions, and has no family members enrolled in EFMP, then the member is cleared to receive PCS orders.  

If a member is enrolled in EFMP and answers "Yes" to one of the questions, the member will receive two (2) notifications:  the "Additional Screening Required" and the requirements to complete the FMTS application.

All family members who are traveling to an overseas location MUST have a complete review of their medical records.  A "comprehensive exam" within the past 24 months must be in the family member's medical chart. If a member is relocating to an OCONUS Geographically Separated Unit (GSU) or Sister Service locations, and a family member has medical or mental health needs, then a DD Form 2792 is required to be submitted.  

Dental Health Summary

AF Form 1466 is generated from MyVector. A printed version is no longer accepted.

To initiate an EFMP enrollment, please use the DD2792-1 and use the DD Form 2792-1 Provider One Pager.  Once complete, send to the EFMP Medical email org box listed above for processing.  

In order to make your clearance run as smoothly as possible, please ensure that records from off base providers have been submitted to the Tricare Patient Administration Office on the second floor of the Medical Group to be added to your on base record.

**Please ensure that you are using the most recent version of Adobe and open system viewer or through download folder. 

Form 2523 Enrollment Form

AF Form 1466 D Dental Health Summary

Privacy Act for EFMP Enrollment 2005 Form

DD Form 2792-1 Provide Instructions Education IEP/IFSA

DD Form 2792-1 Education IEP/IFSA Form 

Please utilize this for new EFMP Enrollments for Education/all dependents PCSing OCONUS birth to 21 years old)

DD Form 2792 Provider Inst. Family Education Summary

DD Form 2792 Family Member Medical

Use this form for medical/mental health enrollment.

Tricare ECHO

Extended Care Health Option through Tricare Humana Military (eligibility criteria and AD status requirements). 

ECHO Enrollment Form 

The extended Care Health Option (ECHO) provides financial assistance to beneficiaries with special needs for an integrated set of services and supplies. 

Dependent Travel Not Approved (DTNA) Process

When a member receives a travel determination of "RED"/DTNA on their FMTS application, the member will receive a MyVector generated email and a MyVector notification within their account.  

Below are the DTNA options provided to the service member:

Reconsideration - Members can request a review of updated/new information to potentially overturn the final travel determination of their FMTS application.

Reassignment - If a member is identified as "Mandatory Move" and the member does not request a reconsideration or the member's reconsideration is "sustained", the member will work with their assignment navigator to provide options to be set tot eh member's assignments functional for consideration.

Deferment - Members can request their assignment to be deferred based on extenuating medical needs.  Member's Assignments Navigator will assist with this option.

Cancellation - Member is identified as "Not a Mandatory Mover" and does not request a reconsideration OR the member's reconsideration has been sustained to the gaining location; their assignment will be cancelled.  

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